What parameters are applied for auto-reloads, and how can I change them?

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Parameters for auto-reloads are based on the first manual one time payment for which auto-reloads were enabled.

This includes:

  • The PayPal or credit card payment token reference
  • Payment method billing information
  • Auto-reload amount and threshold

Nexmo only passes along payment token reference when making an auto-reload payment and does not store any payment method details.

Note: that if an auto-reload fails 3 times (for any reason) we will disable the auto-reload function to avoid potential issues such as over-charging your PayPal account.

To enable again go to the "Payment & Billing" page make a new one time manual payment with either a PayPal, credit or debit card and enable auto-reload at the end of the payment flow.

Find out how to manage your auto-reload configuration.

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