Vonage API trial period - How to add numbers to list of permitted destinations?

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When you sign up for an account, you'll be able to use €2 free credit for trialling the platform. Whilst on trial, you will only be able to send SMS and make Voice calls to the number you registered with, and up to 4 other test numbers of your choice.

To register new test numbers, you'll need to verify that you have access to each number by completing a two factor authentication flow. If you try to send SMS to numbers that are not in your test numbers list, you may receive the error "Non White-listed Destination - rejected (29)".

When adding a new test number we will send a PIN code to the number you provided, either by SMS or via a voice call. Enter the PIN code into the input on the test numbers page when received in order to start using it with your 2 EUR free credit.

Test numbers are designed to limit and stop possible spammers using Vonage.

Note: Secondary users cannot add test numbers to your account. This can only be done by the Primary user.

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