Nexmo trial period - How to add numbers to list of permitted destinations?

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When initially subscribing to Nexmo 2 EUR free test credit is granted. At this stage, you are able to use our products on up to 10 destination numbers of your choice.

It is required to add verified numbers to the list of test numbers in order for you to test our APIs. If you do not add your test numbers, you may receive the error Non White-listed Destination - rejected (29).

When adding a new test number we will send you a PIN code to the number provided either by SMS or via a voice call. Enter the PIN code into the input on the test numbers page when received in order to start using it with your 2 EUR free credit.

Test numbers are designed to limit and stop possible spammers using Nexmo.

Note: Secondary users cannot add test numbers to your account. This can only be done by the Primary user.

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