How do I add test numbers during my Vonage API trial?


Adding test numbers during the Vonage API account trial period.

Applies To

  • Vonage API
  • Trial Period
  • Test Number


Test numbers are designed to limit and stop possible spammers using Vonage. You can add up to 4 additional test numbers to your account during your trial period.

To register new test numbers, you'll need to verify that you have access to each number by completing a two factor authentication flow.

When adding a new test number, we will send a PIN code to the number you provided, either by SMS or a voice call. Enter the PIN code into the input on the test numbers page when received to start using it with your €2 free credit.

Additional Information

When you sign up for a Vonage API account, you'll be able to use €2 free credit while trying out the platform. Whilst on trial, you will only be able to send SMS and make Voice calls to the number you registered with, and up to 4 other test numbers of your choice. Only primary users can add test numbers to your account.

If you try to send SMS to numbers that are not in your test numbers list, you may receive the error "Non White-listed Destination - rejected (29)" or error 6 "Unroutable message - rejected."

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