Glossary of SMS Terms

This article aims to clarify what some acronyms and expressions used in SMS industry actually mean:

 - SMS: Short Message Service that allows the exchange of short text messages (maximum 160 characters for one message) between phone, web or mobile communication systems.

Read more about SMS on this link:

 - LVN: Long Virtual Number is a virtual number that enables businesses to have their own long telephone number to receive and send calls and messages from. To buy a LVN through Nexmo please go here: Add new LVNs to your Nexmo account

 - MT: Mobile Terminated message. It might also be referred to as outbound message. This is a message sent from a client application to a Mobile Device.

 - MO: Mobile Originated message. It may also be referred to as inbound message. This is a message originated from a Mobile Device towards a Nexmo Long Virtual Number which will be forwarded to your Webhook URL

 - DLR: Delivery Receipt, which is provided (upon request) to notify intermediate and final statuses of an outbound SMS. Final DLRs are widely provided but intermediates are dependant on the Network messages are sent to. 


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