Nexmo SMS Delivery Error Codes

All Delivery Receipts with a non-zero error code can be considered as indicating failed delivery. i.e. Your SMS did not reach the recipient.

Neither Nexmo SMS APIs nor operators will perform further attempts to re-deliver a message unless another API call is performed.

Nexmo error codes:

Error Meaning
0 Delivered
1 Unknown
2 Absent Subscriber - Temporary
3 Absent Subscriber - Permanent
4 Call barred by user
5 Portability Error
6 Anti-Spam Rejection
7 Handset Busy
8 Network Error
9 Illegal Number
10 Invalid Message
11 Unroutable
12 Destination Un-Reachable
13 Subscriber Age Restriction
14 Number Blocked By Carrier
15 Pre-Paid Insufficient Funds
95 Unknown
99 General Error

For further information see: Why was my SMS not delivered?


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