Will I be Charged for Rejected Messages?


  • Will I be charged for rejected messages?
  • How much do REJECTD messages cost?
  • Why have I been charged for a message that was not delivered?


Nexmo will charge for any message placed for delivery after your request has passed initial sanity checks within the Nexmo platform, regardless of its final delivery status.

When you submit a message request to our API we check the parameters including the destination to make sure your MSISDN consists of a valid prefix including country code, that there is no obvious missing data, etc. If your message passed these checks then we pass it to the downstream carrier and charge your account, just as we are charged by our supplier. You might think of this process more like an international postal system, rather than a telephone system.

We don't charge if a message request is rejected by our platform, which might happen due to:

  • Exceeding maximum throughput 
  • Incorrect api secret or key 
  • Insufficient credit in your account 
  • Invalid destination (country code and prefix are not found in our database)
  • Missing required parameters (from, to, message body, api key or secret)

We have to charge you if message is accepted by our platform and forwarded to the carrier, even if the message fails to be delivered or is rejected by our carriers due to:

  • Phone is unreachable 
  • Phone is on roaming service 
  • Destination number is no longer assigned to a user 
  • Exceeding maximum throughput for the local carrier
  • Message was caught in spam filter, etc.
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