What is the difference between Verify and other Vonage APIs such as SMS and TTS?


What is the difference between Vonage Verify and other Vonage APIs such as SMS and TTS?

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  • Verify API


Vonage Verify enables you to establish whether one of your end users has access to a specific phone number through testing with a PIN code to enter into their application or website. That PIN code is sent by Vonage via SMS and/or TTS (Text-To-Speech call).

Vonage Verify hides all the complexity and takes care of:

  • Delivering verification messages and calls
  • Failover management using the optimal workflow (sequence and timing of attempts) across Voice- TTS (Text-To-Speech) and SMS
  • PIN generation and expiration handling
  • Template management: localized in 23 languages for SMS and TTS and optimize, depending on the delivery method
  • Simple pay per conversion and pricing

Alternatively, you are able to utilize our SMS and TTS APIs but you will need to build, maintain, and manage the above capabilities.

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