What is the maximum number of Verify attempts a user will receive?


  • How many times will Nexmo try to reach an end-user to verify them?
  • How many texts and calls will a Verify customer receive?
  • How many Verify events take place before a request expires?


By default there should be at most three messages or calls received - the default flow is SMS-TTS-TTS so the end user would receive one SMS, then if they haven't been confirmed as successful in entering their Verify code a Text-To-Speech (TTS) call is made to the same number, and if no code is Verified after this a final TTS call is made after which the Verify request will remain open until the request itself expires (e.g. after the time set as the pin_expiry or until 5 minutes after the request was created).

Nexmo is continuously optimising the failover logic and might create some Verification workflows with more or fewer attempts for some networks, countries or specific situations.

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