Can I use Verify with any number in the world?


Yes, Verify works with both fixed and mobile numbers in all countries around the world, excluding North Korea.

Premium, Toll-free, or VOIP numbers

Verify does not support Premium, Toll-free numbers, or VOIP (i.e. virtual numbers such as Skype Numbers) outside of the US, as these are generally not considered to correspond to real users.

When you try to verify one of these numbers, we will reject the verification request, and no SMS/Call will be made. You can see all rejected verifications in the Nexmo Dashboard by going to - Tools > Verify > Search Rejected

On-demand only countries

If you are receiving Error 15 in response to your Verify API requests or you are having trouble sending requests to a specific country, please check our page on Verify On-demand Service to High-Risk Countries to make sure you don't need to contact us before sending to that country.

Please contact with your use case if you need any of the above restrictions to be removed.

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