RESOLVED - Record - WAV format recordings over 30 minutes long cannot be downloaded


  • Why am I not receiving a webhook for my recording?
  • Where do I download my WAV format recording?
  • Webhook not received for WAV recordings lasting over 30 minutes


Known Problem

Product: Voice API
Feature: Record

If using WAV format for recordings and the recording is over 30 minutes, the webhook with the recording_url will not be sent, and the recording cannot be downloaded. The file cannot be recovered and is not saved on the Nexmo platform. The issue cannot be replicated when using the MP3 format.



There are 2 possible workarounds for this problem:

  1. Ensure recordings last no longers than 30 minutes.
  2. Using MP3 format, as this is not affected.



The resolution has been put into production. If you continue to experience issues, please contact to assist with prioritisation.

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