Turkmenistan: SMS Features and Restrictions

Turkmenistan is a fully featured market with few restrictions.

Traffic to MTS Turkmenistan is currently suspended, but traffic to the other networks in the country is unaffected.

Sender ID:

Outbound SMS cannot be delivered to handsets with alphanumeric sender ID. Any requests submitted with an alphanumeric sender ID will be automatically modified to ensure delivery.


There are no additional content restrictions beyond those in our Acceptable Use Policy

Other features/restrictions of note:

MTS Turkmenistan:

Mobile communication services to subscribers of MTS Turkmenistan have been suspended until further notice. As a result outbound SMS termination is not available for this network. 

The state telecommunications company Turkmentelekom suspended the provision of COT-MTS-Turkmenistan services for international and long-distance zonal communication and internet access services on September 29 from 00.00, therefore, MTS-Turkmenistan has no technical capability to provide mobile communication services to their subscribers of the network nor to subscribers roaming on their network.

MTS continues negotiations and is making every effort to resume provision of services in full.

Nexmo will again terminate SMS to MTS again as soon as this operator restores their service.


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