What is International Reach?


What do you mean by inbound reach?

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  • International Reach
  • SMS
  • Voice


International reach refers to whether a number, or service through that number, can access international markets, usually in an inbound capacity.

For example, "The UK SMS numbers have good international inbound reach," means that the SMS numbers we sell for the UK are able to receive SMS from handsets that are not in their local (UK) market such as a German handset, or a Malaysian handset.

Inbound reach refers to a number's ability to receive SMS or calls.

In some circumstances international reach can be used as a phrase to describe the ability of a service to send outbound SMS or make outbound calls to the international market. At Vonage this is usually only in cases where there is a lack of international outbound reach, as good international outbound reach is the default and included from the very beginning with our SMS and Voice APIs.

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