SMS Features Overview (Outbound Only)

This table is intended as a high-level guide to our SMS capabilities worldwide. For more information on any of the countries that you are particularly interested in please see their country-specific pages by clicking on their names in the left-hand column.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the country-specific article, please contact support for further assistance:

Country DLR*  Alpha SenderID Support SenderID Comments Unicode supported? Concatenation supported? Notes
Afghanistan ? NO        
Albania N YES   Y Y  
Algeria N YES        
Andorra N YES        
Angola Y Sometimes   Y Y  
Anguilla Y Y        
Argentina Republic N NO        
Armenia Y YES        
Australia Y YES   Y Y  
Austria Y YES   Y Y  
Azerbaijan Y NO        
Bahrain Y Sometimes   Y Y  
Bangladesh N Sometimes        
Barbados Y Y        
Belarus N YES  Pre-reg      
Belgium N Sometimes   N Y  
Belize ? YES        
Benin ? Sometimes        
Bolivia N Yes        
Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius (Former NL Antilles) N Sometimes        
Bosnia & Herzegov. ? Sometimes        
Botswana N Y    Y  Y  
Brazil N NO   N Y  
Brunei Darussalam Y YES   Y Y  
Bulgaria N Sometimes    Y Y  
Burkina Faso N NO        
Burundi N          
Cambodia N YES   Y Y  
Cameroon Y YES   Y Y  
Canada N (Network level DLR) NO   N Y  
Chad ? Sometimes        
Chile N NO   N ?  
China Y NO   Y ? Filtered content includes: educational/ gambling / cosmetic / political
Colombia N NO   Y Y  
Congo Dem. Rep. N Sometimes   Y Y  
Congo Republic N Sometimes        
Costa Rica N NO        
Croatia N NO    Y Y  
Cuba N YES Pre-reg      
Cyprus N YES        
Czech Rep. Y NO        
Denmark N YES   Y Y  
Dominican Republic N NO        
Ecuador N NO   N N  
Egypt N YES Pre-reg      
El Salvador N Sometimes   Y Y  
Estonia Y YES   Y Y  
Ethiopia N YES     N  
Federated States of Micronisia N YES        
Finland Y YES   Y Y  
France Y YES Only 2FA Y Y Complex market - reviewing the Country-specific page is strongly recommended
French Guiana N YES        
Gabon ? YES        
Georgia Y YES   Y Y  
Germany YES   Y Y  
Ghana Y NO        
Gibraltar Y YES        
Greece Y YES   Y Y  
Guatemala N NO        
Guam N (Network level DLR) NO     ? ?  
Guinea N YES        
Guyana N YES        
Honduras N NO        
Hong Kong (China) Y YES    Y Y Alpha senderID are not supported to 45407 & 45412 by default to ensure delivery, for specific preference please apply through your AM or email to support team. 
Hungary Y Sometimes        
Iceland Y YES        
India Y YES 6 letter Y Y Complex market - reviewing the Country-specific page is strongly recommended
Indonesia N YES Pre-reg N N  
Iran N NO   Y Y  
Iraq N Sometimes   Y Y  
Ireland Y YES   Y Y  
Israel N YES     Y  
Italy Y YES   Y Y  
Ivory Coast Y YES   Y Y  
Japan N Sometimes Pre-reg Y N URL links are not allowed without pre-registration
Jersey and Guernsey ? Sometimes       See United Kingdom for more details on these destinations
Jordan N YES  Pre-reg      
Kazakhstan ? NO        
Kenya N Sometimes Pre-reg      
Kiribati N YES        
Korea S Republic of Y NO   Y Y Simplified Chinese characters are supported but not Traditional Chinese characters. Delivery receipt are network level, often delayed
Kuwait N YES Pre-reg      
Kyrgyzstan N Sometimes        
Laos P.D.R. N YES   Y Y  
Latvia Y YES   Y Y  
Lebanon Y YES        
Lesotho ? NO        
Libya N YES        
Lithuania Y YES   Y Y  
Luxembourg Y YES   Y Y  
Macao (China) Y Sometimes   Y Y  
Macedonia Y Yes    Y  Y  
Madagascar N NO        
Malawi Y NO        
Malaysia N Sometimes   Y Y  SenderID may get overwritten to shortcode or random malaysian number to ensure delivery
Maldives ? YES        
Mali ? NO        
Malta Y Sometimes   Y Y  
Marshall Islands N YES        
Mauritius N Sometimes        
Mayotte (FR Indian Ocean Territories) N YES        
Mexico N NO   ? N Concatenation not supported for 2-way LVN traffic 
Moldova N Sometimes        
Monaco Y YES    Y  Y  
Mongolia N YES   Y Y  
Morocco Y NO  Pre-reg      
Mozambique N NO        
Myanmar (Burma) N YES   Y Y  
Namibia N NO        
Nepal N Sometimes        
Netherlands Y YES   Y Y  
New Zealand Y NO     Y  
Nicaragua N YES        
Niger Y YES   Y Y  
Nigeria N Sometimes        
Northern Mariana Islands (US) N Sometimes        
Norway Y YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Oman ? YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Pakistan N NO   Y Y  
Palestinian Territory Y YES     Y  
Panama N NO        
Papua New Guinea Y YES        
Paraguay N NO        
Peru N Sometimes        
Philippines N YES Pre-reg N Y  
Poland Y YES   Y Y  
Portugal Y YES   Y Y  
Puerto Rico N NO        
Qatar N YES Pre-reg      
Reunion N YES        
Romania Y Sometimes     Y  
Russian Federation Y YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Rwanda N YES   Y Y  
Sao Tome and Principe N YES        
Saudi Arabia N YES Pre-reg Y N  
Senegal Y YES   Y Y  
Serbia Y NO        
Seychelles N YES        
Sierra Leone N YES   Y Y  
Singapore Y YES   Y Y  
Sint Maarten (Former NL Antilles) N Sometimes        
Slovakia Y YES        
Slovenia Y YES        
Solomon Islands N YES        
Somalia N Sometimes        
South Africa Y NO   Y Y  
South Sudan (Republic of) N NO        
Spain Y YES   Y Y  
Sri Lanka N Sometimes Pre-reg      
Sudan N Sometimes        
Suriname ? YES        
Swaziland ? Sometimes        
Sweden Y YES   Y Y  
Switzerland Y YES   Y Y  
Syrian Arab Republic N NO        
Taiwan N NO   Y Y  
Tajikistan N YES        
Tanzania Y NO        
Thailand Y YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Timore Leste (East) ? YES        
Togo N YES        
Tunisia N NO        
Turkey Y YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Turkmenistan N NO       MTS Turkmenistan: no SMS capability 
Uganda N YES        
Ukraine Y Sometimes   Y Y  
United Arab Emirates N YES Pre-reg Y Y No religious, political or adult content is allowed.
United Kingdom Y YES   Y Y  
United States N (Network level DLR) NO   ? ? Complex market - reviewing the Country-specific page is strongly recommended
Uruguay N Sometimes        
Uzbekistan ? NO        
Venezuela N NO   N N  
Vietnam N YES Pre-reg Y Y  
Yemen N NO        
Zambia ? YES        
Zimbabwe Y YES   Y N  

 *DLR = N, delivery receipts are either not available or do not provide accurate handset delivery information.

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