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In which countries does Vonage have virtual numbers for SMS?

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The features of SMS numbers that Vonage has available are listed by country in the table below.

If you need to receive SMS in a country that isn't listed below, you can use numbers from one of the countries that has international reach. For maximum international inbound reach, we recommend numbers from Sweden (see also SMS + Voice Numbers Features Overview). This requires your customers to send international SMS.

For numbers that are available for purchase upon request, contact your Account Manager to start your order. On-demand requests can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

Country International Reach Number Type Availability Number Order Lead Time* Purchase Requirements Notes
Australia   See SMS+Voice        
Austria   See SMS+Voice        
Belgium   See SMS+Voice        
Brazil No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
Canada   See SMS+Voice        
Chile No Mobile On Request 3-5 Business days   Termination with response functionality (must send MT first in order for MO to work)
Colombia   See SMS+Voice        
Czechia   See SMS+Voice        
Estonia No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
France   See SMS+Voice        
Honduras No Mobile On Request Up to 3 weeks Need to provide traffic volumes  
Hong Kong   See SMS+Voice        
Hungary No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
India No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant Inbound only  
Indonesia   See SMS+Voice        
Ireland No Mobile On Request 3 months    
Israel No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
Italy No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
Japan No Mobile On Request 6-8 weeks Need to provide use case  
Lithuania No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
Luxembourg Yes, some Mobile On Request 2 weeks Worldwide name and address required  
Malawi No Mobile On Request 5 weeks    
Mexico No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant   SMS numbers in Mexico can only be used for inbound SMS
Netherlands   See SMS+Voice        
Norway No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
Pakistan No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant   Inbound-Only
Philippines No Mobile On request 1-3 business days P2P prohibited  
Poland   See SMS+Voice        
Portugal No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant   See SMS+Voice
Puerto Rico   See SMS+Voice        
Romania   See SMS+Voice        
Russia   See SMS+Voice        
Saudi Arabia Yes Mobile On Request 2 weeks Enterprise name, website, use case, sample messages, estimated monthly volume and letter of authorization required  
Singapore Yes Mobile On request 2-3 weeks Strictly for enterprise customers  
South Africa No Landline Dashboard/API Instant   1:1 SMS Ratio required
South Korea   See SMS+Voice        
Spain No Mobile On Request 2 business days    
Spain No Landline On Request 2 business days   1:1 SMS Ratio required
Sweden Yes Mobile On Request 1 week End Client Company Name
End Client Contact details (email & phone)
Service Description
P2P and phishing not allowed
Switzerland No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant   Inbound only
Thailand Yes Mobile On Request 2 weeks    
United Kingdom No Mobile On request 1 day  

See SMS+Voice

Inbound SMS from the Channel Islands is not supported

Ukraine No Mobile Dashboard/API Instant    
United States   See SMS+Voice        

*Number Order Lead Time is an estimate and purchase requirements must be met prior.

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