How can I edit the numbers forwarded to my applications for the Voice API


  • How can I link a number to an application?
  • My Voice application doesn't have a number forwarded to it, how can I set this up?
  • How can I forward numbers to my Voice app?
  • How can I tell which number is forwarded to which Voice application?


To forward a virtual number to an application in Dashboard:

  • Go to Your applications
  • Select the application you want to forward a number to
  • Then use the 'Linked numbers' tab to view the list of virtual numbers that you own.
  • Click 'Link' on the number that you wish to forward to this application.

Alternatively, you can use the Numbers API to update the 'voiceCallbackType' to 'app' and the 'voiceCallbackValue' to your Application ID.

Please note that to forward a number to an application, both need to be assigned to the same account.

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