How do I create and manage my applications for the Voice API?


  • Can I edit my Voice application settings?
  • What is the Voice application area used for?
  • How can I add a new Voice app?
  • Is there a UI for making an app for the Voice API?



You can create and manage voice applications using:

To create an application through the Dashboard:

  • Go to the Your applications section.
  • Give your application a name
  • If you have more than one API key, select the one you would like to associate with the application (Master API key is used by default)
  • Generate a private/public key pair locally or click on the “Generate private/public key pair” link on this page and one will be generated for you in your browser
  • Turn on the Voice capability
  • Provide an Answer URL (only required for inbound applications)
  • Provide an Event URL (always required)
  • Click on the “Generate application” button

To manage a Voice application:

  • Go to Your applications
  • Click on “Edit” for the application you want to make changes to its configuration
  • Click on “Save changes”
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