How do I create and manage my applications for the Voice API?


Creating and managing Voice applications.

Applies To

  • Voice API
  • Voice Applications


You can create and manage voice applications using:

Create an Application through the Dashboard

  1. Go to the Your applications section.
  2. Give your application a name.
  3. If you have more than one API key, select the one you would like to associate with the application (Master API key is used by default).
  4. Generate a private/public key pair locally, or click Generate private/public key pair and one will be generated for you in your browser.
  5. Turn on the Voice capability.
  6. Provide an Answer URL (only required for inbound applications).
  7. Provide an Event URL (always required).
  8. Click Generate application.

Manage a Voice Application through the Dashboard

  1. Go to Your applications.
  2. Click Edit for the application you want to make changes to its configuration.
  3. Click Save Changes.
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