Vonage API Support Guide


This document explains some key information about working with Vonage API Support. Refer to for more information about our Support programs, including Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

We have these guidelines to help us provide the best possible support for our users, but we also try to be flexible when it's in our users' interest.

Support Priorities

The following table defines the criteria and examples for our support priorities. Every support request is important, but some will require Vonage API and our users to work with a greater sense of urgency. It's in our users' interest that we make good decisions about which requests require the most immediate response. We will assume that requests submitted by email are normal priority.

If you believe your issue meets the criteria for a different priority level, submit it online at, proposing the priority level.

Once our support engineers review your request, they may adjust the priority to the appropriate level, up or down.

Priority Definition Criteria Examples


Critical Service Unavailable

All these apply:

  • All or many countries for this user
  • In production
  • Prevents critical user functionality
  • No viable workaround exists
  • Vonage API platform unavailable/severely impacted
  • Technical or Account issue preventing any API call
  • Supplier outage, preventing service for many countries


Serious Service Disruption

All these apply:

  • In production
  • Reduces functionality for user
  • No viable workaround exists
  • Reach lost to a single major country
  • Latency for delivery receipts globally
  • Vonage API dashboard is unavailable


Other Problem

Any of these apply:

  • In production, no serious impact in functionality
  • Production Issue, viable workaround exists
  • Production is not Impacted
  • Non-delivery to specific numbers
  • Sender ID changed for country, but message delivered
  • Encoding issue changing specific characters


Minor or Scheduled

Either of these apply:

  • Work can be scheduled
  • Not impacting development or production
  • Request for enhancement to product
  • Account queries
  • Questions about using our products

Vonage API Holidays

The SLOs published on refer to business hours and days, which exclude weekends and holidays. Due to the global distribution of our Support team, our business hours are from Monday at 9am in Singapore to Friday at 5pm in San Francisco. Holidays vary by location of the team, as follows:






UTC: 16-24

PST: 9am - 5pm
(+1 in summer)

UTC: 8-16

CET: 9am - 5pm
(+1 in summer)

UTC: 24-8

SGT: 9am - 5pm


Fri, Jan 1

Mon, Jan 18    
Fri, Feb 12    
Mon, Feb 15  
Fri, Apr 2  
Mon, Apr 5    
 Mon, May 3   
Mon, May 31  
Mon, Jul 5    
Mon, Aug 30    
Mon, Sep 6    
 Thu, Nov 4    
Thu, Nov 25     
Fri, Nov 26  



Fri, Dec 24  


Mon, Dec 27


Tue, Dec 28

2022   To be confirmed
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