What kind of pre-recorded audio files can I use with Voice API?

You can use pre-recorded audio file in .wav or .mp3 format. If the audio file included in a Voice API call is not playing, it is very likely due to an encoding incompatibility. Please ensure that the file is encoded as per below audio settings.

Format                                        : MPEG Audio (MP3)

Overall bit rate mode               : Constant

Overall bit rate                           : 16 Kbps or less 8, 32 and 64 are also good

Writing library                            : LAME3.99.5


Format                                      : MPEG Audio

Format version                       : Version 2

Format profile                         : Layer 3

Bit rate mode                          : Constant

Bit rate                                     : 16 Kbps or less 8, 32 and 64 are also good

Channel(s)                              : 1 channel

Sampling rate                         : 16.0 KHz

Compression mode               : Lossy

Stream size                             : 10.1 KiB (91%)

Writing library                          : LAME3.99.5



8/16-bit Linear PCM
G.711 A-law/u-law
Microsoft GSM

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