What does it cost to receive an SMS?


  • What does it cost to receive an SMS?
  • Why have I been charged for an inbound SMS?



  • SMS inbound (Mobile Originated) messages can be received using a Long Virtual Number, Short Code or Toll-free Number.  


Charges for inbound messages:


Long Virtual Numbers: These charges will apply by default to any customer who subscribes to a number and receives messages into that number.

Inbound messages will be charged at €0.0057 for most countries. The actual price ranges from €0.0025 up to €0.0642 (and are subject to change). For more details on our rates per country, please refer to our pricing page.

If you used our platform to receive inbound SMS in the last 6 months from the introduction of the inbound charge (June 4th, 2019), you will receive a notification for any inbound price change.

Please see the list of the countries where we currently offer SMS enabled Long Virtual Numbers (which are needed in order to receive Inbound Messages):

SMS + Voice Numbers Features Overview

SMS Numbers Features Overview


Short Code: Publicly available only in the US and Canada, the price for inbound SMS to a US or Canada short code is €0.0057.


Toll-free: Only toll free numbers in the US are SMS enabled. The price for inbound SMS to US toll free is €0.0057.




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