What does it cost to receive an SMS?


What is the cost to receive inbound SMS?

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  • Inbound SMS
  • Long Virtual Number (LVN)
  • Toll-Free
  • Short Code
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Inbound SMS (Mobile-Originated) messages can be received using a Long Virtual Number, Short Code, or Toll-free Number.

Long Virtual Numbers

Charges will apply by default to any customer who subscribes to a number and receives messages into that number.

Inbound messages will be charged at €0.0057 for most countries. The actual price ranges from €0.0025 up to €0.0642 (subject to change). For more details on our rates per country, see our pricing page. You should receive a notification for any inbound price change.

To see which countries we offer SMS-enabled Long Virtual Numbers (which are needed in order to receive Inbound Messages), refer to the following articles:

Short Code

Publicly available only in the US and Canada, the price for inbound SMS to a US or Canada short code is €0.0057.


Only toll free numbers in the US are SMS-enabled. The price for inbound SMS to US toll free is €0.0057.

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