Which IP addresses should I whitelist in order to receive voice traffic from Nexmo?


  • What IP addresses do I need to add to my firewall if I'm using Nexmo Voice services?
  • What IP addresses do you use to send requests to my SIP URI?
  • What IP addresses do you use to send Media, Voice API, TTS, NCCO requests and SIP traffic to my SIP URI?
  • Can I use a firewall and still receive inbound requests from you?
  • I am not receiving requests to my SIP URI. Why might this be?
  • There is no audio (sound) on my call and I use a firewall?
  • What IP addresses do I need to whitelist for WebSockets?


Nexmo provides various voice products and services, if you are restricting inbound traffic please whitelist the following subnets based on your product usage.

SIP signalling



Port: UDP/TCP on 5060, TLS on 5061


Traffic from any IP address on ports 10000:20000

SIP Callbacks

Voice API callbacks, NCCO download requests, Audio file download requests

WebSocket Signalling

Ports 10000:20000

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