What IP addresses should I whitelist in order to receive voice traffic from Nexmo?


  • What IP addresses do I need to add to my firewall if I'm using Nexmo Voice services?
  • What IP addresses do you use to send requests to my SIP URI?
  • What IP addresses do you use to send Media, Voice API, TTS, NCCO requests and SIP traffic to my SIP URI?
  • Can I use a firewall and still receive inbound requests from you?
  • I am not receiving requests to my SIP URI. Why might this be?
  • There is no audio (sound) on my call and I use a firewall?


Nexmo provides various voice products and services, if you are restricting inbound traffic please whitelist the following subnets based on your product usage.

SIP signalling

Port: UDP/TCP on 5060, TLS on 5061

SIP callbacks

Media port range 10000:20000

Voice API callbacks, NCCO download requests, Audio file download requests



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